Essay on Prison Inmates Should Be Allowed to Take College Courses

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Prison Inmates Should be Allowed to Take College Courses Tamitha Boltz Unit 6 Prison Inmates Should be Allowed to Take College Courses Prison inmates should be allowed to take college courses because an education offers a positive change for their release back into society. The education they receive will offer life skills and provide them with positive reinforcement to change their lives for the better; while restructuring the way some think and continue through life and society through making proper choices and better role models. While in prison, education would provide a crucial key for inmate rehabilitation. Part of that rehabilitation can be in the form of education. Education in the prison system generally geared…show more content…
Many of the petty crimes and minor violations are therefore, reduced because the need to commit those crimes on a financial basis is no longer there if the inmate can find a job. If the prisoner has also been educated, they will more than likely have a broader moral compass than if they were “just doing their time”. Some inmates, upon their release, make similar mistakes and commit crimes; with an educated prison populous, this potentially becomes eliminated for most inmates. With a decrease in crimes, the prison population decreases, as does “the cost” to house them in prisons. The increased revenue is then used in educating first time offenders, thus reducing the risk of them becoming repeat offenders. Creating positive influences on our prisoners can reap many more benefits than just educating and releasing back into society. Just as we invest money to educate our children, we can reinvest money to target populations that our prisoners come from to prevent crimes. When we teach them new skills that can better their lives, they can then teach others by example. Once an inmate enters back into society and gets a job in his or her field, stays away from crime, and makes better choices, they can make a positive impact on their communities. Younger generations can see the encouraging example set forth and know that they too can make wiser decisions and hope for the

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