Essay On Prescribed Medication

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Everyday there are children receiving some kind of prescribed drug for psychological problems such as ADHD,anxiety disorder,autism,and many other disorders.However, children that are given prescribed drugs are usually given to them for convenience rather than necessity.Providing a child prescribed drugs at such a young age can lead to problems with their health in the future as well as other harming side effects,also nutrition is often overlooked and drugs prescribed may be doing more harm than good.Further more, children that are diagnosed with a psychological disorder and receive public assistance are more likely to receive off label medication which can be more dangerous. Therefore, children are not capable of sustaining the effects of prescribed medication because some children may be overdiagnosed and drugged for “parent convenience” ,there are dangerous long term side effects to some of…show more content…
Next, there is the dangerous side effects of psychological medication in children, some researchers up to this day still do not completely understand the side effects,but often problems in children can be due to their diet.When a child is on medication it stimulates their nervous system and can affect their personality as well as they way they interact with everyday things(Mercola).This change in personality can impact a child negatively by causing them to be less social or even become disobedient.The negative side effects that accompany medication sometimes cause more problems rather than actually helping a child.Over medication can cause harming side effect such delayed growth ,decreased appetite and many other harmful side effect but nutrition is sometimes overlooked and not emphasized as much as it should be.For example,”Many studies have demonstrated the connection between a high-sugar diet and poor mental health...The evidence is quite compelling that gluten sensitivity may be at the root of a number of neurological and psychiatric conditions, including
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