Essay On Preventing Obesity

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How To Prevent Obesity In Young Children
It seems like a larger number of children are being diagnosed with obesity everyday, yet most of today’s community is trying nothing to change the unsettling fate of these children. The laziness in adults is an inexcusable reason to potentially ruin or risk one's life. Over the past 30 years the percentage of obese children have dramatically increased by more than double it was in the 80s. Thousands of nonprofit organizations, communities, and school have taken part and begin to try and dig down to the root of the problem and slowly reverse that damage that has been done. Obesity, defined: Is a person who is grossly overweight. The difference between being overweight and obese, is when a person who …show more content…

Because healthy food is unattainable in their situations, being they pay big bucks for little product, they substitute little bits of healthy foods for large quantities of unhealthy food because it is easier to obtain. “ ‘If you get rid of 7 percent of calories consumed through soda, would that be enough to affect weight?’ ”(53) asks Jason Fletcher, Ph.D., a professor of public affairs and applied economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who has studied the issue. “ ‘The answer is yes, if you take all those calories and just remove them from your diet.’ ”(53) But if these high sugar drinks are substituted with other drinks that contain a high sugar count as well, it won't benefit a person's diet or appearance. Higher prices for healthier foods are culpable for lower nutritional health in poorer families. Fast food companies could lower the amount of processed food, and the amount of sugar in their food, and replace them with healthier, non-processed food that could provide better nutrition for poorer families without having to necessarily lower the price.
A lack of hydration has more to do with overeating than people may believe. When dehydrated it may be difficult for organs such as the liver to function. The liver uses water to release stored glucose as a form of energy,

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