Why Is Obesity a Growing Problem? Essay

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Over 60% of the people in the U.S are obese, obesity ranks second among preventable causes of death. What you eat is what you are. More and more people are becoming obese which is not healthy. People who suffer from obesity are going to face severe chronic illness or stress. A person who is obese is not necessarily overweight but has too much body fat. Many experts use BMI index for an accurate measurement for a body fat. BMI is calculated by a formula that includes a person’s height and weight. One important cause of insulin is obesity. Insulin is supposed to transport blood sugar into the cells of the muscle and fat. Since the year 1980 the obesity rate in the U.S. has changed. In 2000 the obesity rate was 30% percent but in 2013 it …show more content…

Some people that buy from fast food restaurants are too busy to eat healthier meals while others are too lazy to cook. So these people don't look at nutrient facts and say as long as it taste good and it’s cheap it’s good. Fast food restaurants have high calorie food and they don't have that many healthy meals. Lack of sleeping is another thing that can make you overweight and maybe obese. Lack of sleep can make you hungry by increasing the calories you eat and reduces energy expenditure which means more calories in and fewer calories out. When people stay awake all night they eat snacks that gives them high calorie. Professor Wright said: “Just getting less sleep by itself is not going to lead to weight gain. But when people get insufficient sleep it leads them to eat more than they actually need” (Wright, 2013). Alcohol is another thing that can lead you to obesity. Alcohol has high calories in them and when you drink alcohol your body will be in a relaxed mode. It is easier for them to eat unhealthy snacks like nacho cheeses, Cheetos puffs, chocolate chip cookies and others. Alcohol dehydrates your body instead of being hydrated and building muscles and burning fat. The more you drink alcohol the more you careless about what you are eating. “The risk is even higher if in those who drink heavily and are obese; the combined risk here is super additive.” said

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