Essay On Preventing The War

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Preventing The War Could the King of England have prevented the deaths of around 25,000 British soldiers by signing The Olive Branch Petition? It’s something we all wonder. But with the king’s constant acts, taxes, and the revolts and separate battles fought against him, the king brought the war upon himself. If the king signed the Olive Branch Petition, the war would have still would’ve happened and thousands would have still died. To begin with, The king had forced multiple acts onto the colonists. The first act that took place was the Navigation Act of 1651. The Navigation Acts were not allowing any trade by the colonists except with England. This was limiting their freedom that they were promised when they signed the Mayflower …show more content…

Therefore, the king had proceeded to bring this war upon himself by making the colonists pay a few taxes on everyday items. Lastly, the king had caused, with the acts and taxes, multiple different rebellions in many different ways. One of the ways was through Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676. Bacon’s Rebellion was a rebellion started by a indentured servant named Nathaniel Bacon. Nathaniel Bacon was angry with the way he was treated after his years as a servant so he rebelled. This rebellion was against the king because he was not granted the amount of land that he was granted. A second way that the colonists rebelled was through The Boston Tea Party in 1773. The Boston Tea party was a rebellion where colonists threw over 90,000 pounds of tea was dumped into Boston’s harbor. The Boston Tea Party started because the king limited what brand of tea colonists could buy. It ended with the Coercive Acts. A third event that happened was The Battle of Lexington/ Concord in 1775. The Battle of Lexington occurred on the route that British soldiers were taking to Concord. They were attacked and then continued to battle again in Concord. The rebellion was against the king who told the soldiers to confiscate guns in Concord. The final rebellion was an article written by Thomas Paine called “Common Sense” in 1776. This article was stating that it was common sense with all the things that the king

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