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In the history of Indian and Sanskrit writing, Ramayana shines bright. Ramayana mirrors the Indian society and in addition the perfect quality within human instinct. Our customary Ramayana begins with the visit of Narada to Valmiki's ashrama and describes him about Rama and his trip. Through Valmiki, we came to think about Rama the avatar of God and his life as a human.
A unique rendition of Ramayana was composed by Valmiki. It is likewise adjusted by various scholars in numerous dialects and interpreted as well. Valmiki Ramayana comprises of 24,000 verses in seven books – 'Bala Kanda', which portrays the birth and adolescence of Rama, born to lord Dasharatha of Ayodhya and bound to battle devils.
A few different adaptations of Ramayana are
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But she closed her mouth and properly saw him....Probably she realized that Lakshmana could not exist without Rama and that there was no point in stopping him....” (“Lakhmana and Urmila” 19).

The idea of "Pativrata" can be outlined through the qualities of Urmila. From the narrative of Ramayana, it is trusted that Urmila's wretchedness was even worse than Sita being far from her significant other for a long time. Lakshmana was just obliged to care for his sibling. With a specific end goal to satisfy his caring rights, he went with Rama, leaving Urmila for quite a while of fourteen years. Still she was simply complying with her significant other as a committed spouse.
At the point when Sita went into outcast alongside Rama, confronted incalculable hardships, needed to imagine in the most troublesome circumstances, at any rate, she was in the organization of her significant other, master Rama, and had unending assistance from her brother by marriage, Lakshmana served Sita as his mother.
Urmila languished peacefully over fourteen years, never whined about her dejection or whatever else so far as that is concerned. This episode made it clear that Lakshmana was deliberately staying away from her to care for his sibling and sister-in-law in its right

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