Recycling Bins In Public Places Essay

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This image may seem familiar. Walking down the street and noticing endless rows of trash cans in which to throw away your garbage. But have you ever thought about why there aren’t many recycling bins in public places. The reason for this is that the prices of recycling are booming. In turn, less and less people are wanting to pay these extreme prices. The lack of recycling in public places leads to many problems like high costs of production, loss of resources, land overfill, and numerous more. Because there aren’t many recycling bins in public places, people aren’t as encouraged to recycle which is harmful for the environment. Some may argue that a greater amount of people recycle because the availability of recycling is increasing year by year. But still, “...according to Ipsos Public Affairs survey, only half of adults recycle daily” (Schumaker 1). WIth so few people recycling, there are more ways that we are destroying our environment. Since these adults aren’t recycling, our youth will continue to follow their ways and will expand the problem. Teaching children, who are our future, to recycle gives our country a better chance at improving our environment. The ratio from trash bins to recycling bins is yet to be remotely balanced. There are plenty more trash cans at public venues compared to recycling bins. If there were more recycling bins in public places, then it would motivate more people to recycle. The United States needs to figure out a method to make more

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