Essay On Respiratory Therapist

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Do you know what it take to be a respiratory therapist? At first you may think that it will take a lot of work, but just like anything else it does. First you have all the schooling and you have to at least an associate’s degree, or if you wish to go further you can get your bachelor’s degree. The you either have to become a CRT, certified respiratory therapist, or a RRT, registered respiratory therapist. The only difference between the two is a CRT is the first level offered by the board of respiratory care and a RRT requires more education and professional experience. Respiratory therapist check on several different machines and analyze certain test, also they help anyone with breathing, sleeping, and cardiovascular disorders. Life as …show more content…

There are numerous responsibilities that a respiratory therapist must do to help have a clear understanding of theses disease. These responsibilities would include analyzing blood sample, to determine levels of oxygen as well as other gas levels, assessing lung capacity, to determine impairment, analyzing chest x-rays, and counseling individuals in cardiopulmonary health, such as asthma education and smoking cessation as well as several other responsibilities. Life as a respiratory therapist can have several dispositions due to the work and the patent conditions. Possibly the best feeling is helping someone who has issues with the cardiopulmonary system, asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, cardiovascular disorders, and trauma. Knowing that you helped someone that is having trouble breathing can make you day and there's a whole lot better. Respiratory therapists do a lot in one day and work hard to help everyone that they can. From analysing to assessing all the normal and weird things that people come into the hospital with, where a respiratory therapist is needed. Working as a respiratory therapist can be a very rewarding job by seeing kids and adults walking away with your

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