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Your insured Junnifer Ingle caused an accident by acting negligent while driving and not paying attention to the road sign warning of the severe curve ahead. As a result of her actions that were the direct cause of my injuries. Your insured inability to operate her car safely inflicted daily pain and suffering to me and at my age has made me more susceptible to injury. Your insured has had several accidents and driving citations for excessive speed and not being able to control her vehicle. Since your insured breached her duty to obey and follow rules of the road to be careful when encountering anyone they meet on the road , persons in other vehicles ignored her duty of reasonable care and instead was negligent and has violated her duty …show more content…

My injuries sustained required ongoing care, In addition to the medical and personal care costs, the expenses for the major disruption to my life and for general damages. STATEMENT OF FACTS/ As you know, on May 18, 2015, I had a life altering injuries by a distracted driving collision caused by your insured Jennifer Ingle . I was traveling North East on Whittiker Mill Road just two lanes with a double yellow line. As I was observing the posted speed limit signs , and fully cognizant of the surrounding road and traffic. Your insured was approaching from the opposite direction at a fast speed when she failed to obey the traffic law and crossed over the solid line on to the oncoming traffic lane crashing into my vehicle sending me sideways and backwards onto he shoulder of the road.Your insureds vehicle slammed between the front drivers side hood panel and the front drivers side door panel of my 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis endangering my life and changing it forever The sudden deceleration blunt force I had to endure upon impact my whole body took a violent jolt sideways and backward I could feel my muscles and ligaments in my body being stretched and twisted beyond my natural limits and even though I was wearing my seat belt , the force of impact slammed my head int the drivers side window. I lost consciousness for a few seconds. Someone called 911 , I can not remember much after that , my head was

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