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Safely Under Lock And Key: Keeping Your New Commercial Property Secure 24/7

Protecting commercial property presents a unique set of challenges for any business owner, whether you're simply upgrading locks or you're starting a new business or moving an existing one to a new location. No matter what, though, you need to oversee the operation until every last key, lock and other security measure is taken care of. The following six steps are advisable for any commercial property, whether you have major changes planned for your business or are just starting out.

1. Rekey When You Move Into Your New Business

One of the first things you should do when given the keys to your commercial building is visit a locksmith. Without questioning the …show more content…

You can have these devices installed on all entry points, making break-ins from the outside more difficult, without changing how easily someone on the inside could get out. Since would-be burglars depend on being able to gain access quickly, your latch guards could serve as a deterrent, with the criminals hopefully opting out of targeting your property.

4. Ask A Locksmith About Door Alarms And Panic Bars

For the safety of people within your building(s) being able to exit the building quickly, but in consideration of preventing any outsiders from entering without going through the proper channels or station, consider having "panic bars" installed wherever needed. These bars offer no resistance from the inside and can simply be depressed for fast function; however, the door can still remain securely externally. Doors equipped with panic bars may also prevent internal threats, like employee theft, if you also have them equipped with an alarm, which will sound whenever the door is pushed open. Just be sure to have the door(s) marked as "emergency exit only" or "alarm will sound" to avoid confusion among your non-nefarious employees.

5. Don't Freely Give Out Keys

Anyone who needs a key or set of keys to your commercial building should be clearly identified, along with being

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