Essay On School Shootings

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We live in a place called earth where people tear each other apart. It's hard to stay calm and peaceful when everywhere you go is pure chaos. People hating on each other on something as simple as color. Others strap bombs to their chest and blow up a popular area because they don't have common beliefs. The people in power of them don't even pay attention to these problems, and focus on nonsense like how there football teams don't stand during the national anthem. All these problems is equally rotening this place called earth. However, there are two that are looked over unless its too big to ignore; school shootings and suicides are taking a toll of the people on earth, and there is little effort to solve these vicious acts of violence and self harm. They should start testing and developing programs for students in schools, because the root of these two problems comes from mental health. If they could reduce the amount of stress, depression, and anxiety in students, schools wouldn't be a war zone anymore. In the mist of the chaos of school shootings and suicides. People are sadden and outrage with the individuals that commit these acts of violence. People often dim them as weak, monsters, worthless, and non-human. However people don't take the time to think, why do they comment these acts of violence. Many people believe that it stems from their mental health. Educational Leadership says depression is mostly diagnosed in adults. In “late adolescence is the most common age
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