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At first in the story a Christmas carol by Charles Dickens Scrooge is portrayed as a Victorian miser Ebenezer Scrooge,It takes place in the historical Victorian era when poverty was at an all time high, the richer kept getting richer and the poorer or more poorer. He was a heartless, cruel miser who makes money out of others financial inadequacy. In the end of the novel he is described as generous and clean hearted. Dickens is saying that no matter how cruel, hard, old, bitter and unpleasant you are there is good in you and you can change for the greater good. From bitter and obnoxious to generous and kin-hearted the book is a drastic change for old man Scrooge.
Stave one gives and pessimistic impression of Mr.Scrooge. In stave one he is presented as selfish, rude, angry and lonely. “Warning all human sympathy to keep
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This takes place in the beginning of christmas eve when it's bitterly cold, here Dickens associates the cold with Scrooge to personify it. In stave one we find about Scrooge's polar opposite, his clerk Bob Cratchit, Bob is full of love and affection. “As cold as he was he was warmer than Scrooge”, Dickens use this temperature reference to show the contrast in qualities between Scrooge and his Clerk. Scrooge's only living relative, his nephew visits him and leaves him by saying “A merry christmas uncle, God save you!”. This shows us the level of Scrooge in society, even his own nephew portrays him as a helpless person. Scrooge is a man that holds money above everything, he makes sure that only his sole needs are gratified. “Scrooge was his sole executor, his sole administrator, his sole assign, his sole residuary legatee, his sole friend, and sole mourner.” Dickes uses the repetition of the word “sole” to represent Scrooge’s isolation for the community around him. He foreshadows Scrooge's death by referring to him as his own “Sole Mourner”. The
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