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Just minutes from being torn from her family, the disfigured puggle howls in agony as the man strikes it with a crimson crowbar. Waves of whining and whimpering are accompanied with hysterical laughter. She is trapped behind the bars of nefarious torment. Only in a few days, the oppressor would leave her to rot, only so he can do this over, and over, and over, and over again. Why? Simply to quench his thirst of entertainment. Does this seem familiar? Maybe you have heard of the infamous SeaWorld. SeaWorld has been accused of many acts of animal cruelty. To begin, their cramped living conditions are nothing like the hundreds of miles a free orca traverses, abnormal symptoms have been showing, and accidents are arising. Maybe some math would convince you. Wild orcas can live up to 100 years old. The average captive orca’s age is 13. Their lifespan is diminished by 87 years, which is nearly the age of an average human (Is SeaWorld Really So Bad?). Are you going disagree with math? One can argue that the orcas provide entertainment, and once retired, the pleasure of marine life would disappear. Of course, the health of the entertainer doesn’t matter, only money does! This may not be evident by now but, SEAWORLD IS INCAPABLE …show more content…

However, instead, SeaWorld teaches children that it is acceptable to tear away the freedom of animals, incarcerate them in bathtub sized “homes”, forbid them to establish territory and explore, and watch malnourished frustrated animals slowly go insane (Worrall). But one can say children don’t understand that! Then we must teach them to, for these actions are inhumane and by raising generations to come that allow such atrocious, awful actions to occur without consequences, is gut wrenchingly disgusting. As Ingrid Visser, founder of the Orca Research Trust, puts it, “We can put a man on the moon, surely we can move an animal out of a concrete life” (Martin). Thank

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