Essay On Should The Us Use The Death Penalty

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Should the United States stop using the death penalty?

The use of the capital punishment or the “death” penalty should not stop being used in the U.S. or declared as cruel or unusual punishment.
In many cases people slaughter multiple people without flinching and go on with their day should these people be allowed to live anymore ask the families of those murdered people. What do you think they would tell you? Some people say that we are getting fewer and fewer use of the death penalty so it should be abolished. If it is being used so little these days doesn't it mean that it’s working punishment isn't only used to punish those guilty but to set an example for those thinking of committing a similar crime. “Last year the U.S. executed 39 people fewer than the year before.”(What it means if the death penalty is dying,Richard Dieter) Crimes such as rape, torture, treason,kidnapping, murder, larceny, and perjury would have anarchy throughout the community if not acted on …show more content…

In saying this it costs less money than to house feed and possibly treat medical conditions of criminals i’m not saying that it’s a scapegoat for saving money to not let them live. Ask the families of those lost of the Boston Marathon incident do those who did this horrible act be allowed to be fed better than children at our own public schools and a roof over their head when thousands of people in the U.S. are homeless. There are cases in which using the death penalty is deemed unconstitutional which supports people arguments against it but it does not apply for all cases. On the other hand other cases in which it is not used when it should be only exposes the corruption of our seemingly perfect just system. The death penalty should not be taken away and permanently stated as cruel and unusual

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