Essay On Solar Collectors Technology

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Solar collectors technology is used in many parts of the world including the U.S., China, India, and the Middle East. Systems have been adopted for a wide range of use patterns and climate conditions. However, most existing systems are geared toward wealthy clients. These systems often include sophisticated pumping systems and advanced materials. While these systems are profitable to their developers, they are often far beyond the financial constraints of households in poor communities of developing countries. Today, engineers and scientists can harness solar energy with common materials and basic technologies. The simplest version is the batch solar water heater, consisting of a water tank, a dark absorber to capture the sun’s radiation …show more content…

(Al-Madani,2006) studied a batch solar water heater in Bahrain consisting of an evacuated, cylindrical glass tube. Water runs through copper coils, which act as collectors, located within the glass tube. Side-by-side testing of prototypes resulted in a maximum temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the cylindrical batch system of 27.8°C with a maximum efficiency of 41.8%. he determined the cost of manufacturing the cylindrical batch system to be $318, slightly less expensive than typical flat plate collectors of $358. (Akuffo and Jackson,1998) investigated a simpler batch solar water heater in Ghana. The integrated storage-collector unit was a rectangular galvanized steel box with a total storage capacity of 90l. “Angle iron” was used to support the edges and prevent buckling and jute fiber was used for insulation. This design achieved a maximum temperature of 45°C by 4:30pm and provided 30°C water at 5:30am the next day. Daily ambient peak temperatures exceeded 37°C. They recommend transferring the heated water to another, more insulated storage tank to lessen overnight heat loss. (Mohamad,1997) found that the thermal efficiency is comparable to conventional systems, estimated at 50%. Maximum average water temperature was 42ºC at 5:00pm with an ambient temperature approximately 35ºC; 5:00am water temperature was measured to be 34º with an ambient temperature approximately 18ºC. he found that the thermal diode yielded a 10%

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