Scope of Solar Thermal Power Plants in India

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TOPIC SCOPE OF SOLAR THERMAL POWER PLANTS IN INDIA AUTHORS U. Mohamed Razik Ali E.Praveen SCOPE OF SOLAR THERMAL POWER PLANTS IN INDIA U. Mohamed Razik Ali (UG student) E.Praveen (UG student) Abstract Now-a-days the importance of electrical energy is very severe, that no one could live without it. In such a condition, in India and especially in southern India there is a great demand for electricity. This article refers to such a problem and also gives a solution .Moreover calculations based on the solar potential in India and the possibilities of constructing Solar Power Plants in India is also discussed here. Some methods for storing the huge potential of solar…show more content…
This indicates that India’s future energy requirements are going to be very high and solar energy can be one of the efficient and eco-friendly ways to meet the same. Solar thermal power generation technologies Solar Thermal Power systems, also known as Concentrating Solar Power systems, use concentrated solar radiation as a high temperature energy source to produce electricity using thermal route. Since the average operating temperature of stationary non-concentrating collectors is low (max up to 1200C) as compared to the desirable input temperatures of heat engines (above 3000C), the concentrating collectors are used for such applications. These technologies are appropriate for applications where direct solar radiation is high. The mechanism of conversion of solar to electricity is fundamentally similar to the traditional thermal power plants except use of solar energy as source of heat. In the basic process of conversion of solar into heat energy, an incident solar irradiance is collected and concentrated by concentrating solar collectors or mirrors, and generated heat is used to heat the thermic fluids such as heat transfer oils, air or water/steam, depending on the plant design, acts as heat carrier and/or as storage media. The hot thermic fluid is used to generated steam or hot gases, which are then used to operate a heat engine. In these systems, the efficiency of the collector reduces marginally as its operating

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