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Sontag develops the idea that the hopeful fantasy is that when humans, need to come together to fight, we will put our differences aside and come together as a human race, instead of different nations, in order to escape a life of war. During the release of films such as Godzilla, The Day the Earth Stood Still, THEM!, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Earth vs. the Flying Saucers and The Thing from Another Planet, there were present anxieties about the military’s, inefficiency. The newer generation held onto the fear of becoming like the older generation, whom became the products of war. Sontag states that the two present anxieties of the generation revolve one of the two extreme futures; a future with “unremitting banality” or “inconceivable terror” (224). There was a fear of living in a world of absolute destruction and …show more content…

It is the recent past that stirs up feelings of anxiety because of the idea that history can repeat itself once more. There is a fascination and a fear of invasion surrounding science-fiction film because alien invasion parallels invasion of foreigners into one’s own country. Many films represent the main characters as those who fight off these foreigners. There is a large focus on the characterization between the military man versus the the science man. In US films, such as The Thing from Another Planet, the military is displayed to have immense military power that can fight off aliens. The military men at the base defeated the alien using electricity while the scientist failed to communicate and subdue the alien. Here the hopeful fantasy is that the human military power will be enough to destroy what drops from the sky and that the human race will be saved. Foreign movies such as Japan’s Godzilla, portrays the military to be inefficient. This is a

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