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Introduction Glasco & Geoffrion comes from a humble background of entrepreneurs, which is why we are dedicated to instituting a reliable solution to guide young businesses through the specific challenges that a startup or small business has to offer. As an outsourced accounting firm, our goal is to provide, to our clients, the full service of a robust internal accounting department that is necessary to stay on par with larger competitors. In our experience, many practices can be uncaring and unforgiving, especially towards small businesses that are unfamiliar with standard procedures. Rather than follow this trend, our intention is to target this segment specifically, and meet them where they are with insight, understanding, and …show more content…

Initially these departments will act in total cooperation and overlap as our staffing options are limited; as time accrues, more employees will be added and each department will become a distinguished limb of the organization. At our core, teamwork is key, detail is critical, and service is paramount. We believe these three variables are conjoined, and seek to implement a culture that is teamwork, detail, and service oriented in everything we do. Through instituting these three OCP dimensions, we hope to differentiate ourselves from our traditional competitors, thereby giving us a competitive edge. Commonly, accounting firms are managed through strict corridors with limited cross functional duties. By eliminating these barriers, we can hold each department accountable rather than passing the problem down the line, thereby reducing negligent errors, and providing great service. As we exhibit these values, we expect to build a reputation that will set us apart. Considering our client base consists entirely of small businesses and relies on word-of-mouth, a good reputation is indispensable. This structure and culture will be invaluable to our growth, but it must be able to react and adjust to change. Hence, once our departments begin growing, with each containing at least 5-10 employees, a more formalized and mechanized structure will be useful to manage the company as a whole. This

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