Essay On Structural Plualism

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Ever since slavery was abolished, there has been a continuous struggle in the United States between African Americans and Caucasians involving social class, poverty and equality. Although blacks have suffered terribly in the past, they are still commonly looked down upon and even placed in a lower class category. The struggle over slavery opened to flood gates to the Civil War, Reconstruction, segregation, Jim Crow laws, the Civil Rights Movement and is still something we are overcoming as a Nation.
Slavery in American began when the first American slaves were sent to Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, to aid in the production of lucrative crops. The rationalization for the enslavement of blacks was due to their obvious physical and cultural traits being more distinct. Blacks were kidnapped and taken to a foreign land, they no longer had organization, and were scattered across the countryside thus preventing escape and less resistance to enslavement. The American form of slavery was unique from anything in Europe. In Europe many of the African American slaves were granted property, had family rights, and were sometimes freed. In the United States, slaves were an object not to be afforded common
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Structural plualism is the social seperation of minorty ethnic groups from the dominant group. This paper has explained African American’s past and their unfair treatment but it also explains that they are still battling for equality. There groups of people protesting almost every week with the “black lives matter” group. Fighting that cops stop killing their race, that they should be treated fairly in the work place. Have oppertunities for promotions and better schools to break to bondage that their children face. Due to their unfair start in this country it has made it almost impossible for their race to recover in this country. Many live in poverity and each generation cannot get out of
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