Essay On Symbolic Interactionism

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The social problem with drug and alcohol abuse is a very familiar topic for me. I choose this topic because I strongly agree with the symbolic interactionist perspective explanation about it. Drug and alcohol abuse are learned behaviors, in my own opinion. They are also very welcomed and flourishing in their subcultures. They are both personal and social problems.
Personally I am not one hundred percent sure that the act of seeing someone, like a parent, abusing drugs or alcohol is what actually makes or helps a child to grow up and do the same. There are many children who grow up and do the exact opposite of that, or both, parent or parents who chose to let their children witness such an addiction. Myself, I always said my parent did enough of it for all of my siblings and me and that there’d be no need to do it ourselves. Unfortunately not all of my siblings stood strong against the power of addiction. However, we were all out of that household of the addicted parent before we were old enough to make those kinds of decisions for ourselves. Maybe the one sibling who suffers from addiction nowadays learned it from our parent, and thinks that it’s ok because for so many years our parent went unpunished –both lawfully and by God- for …show more content…

Everyone knows right from wrong, it’s not rocket science. With that being said I don’t blame anyone for holding a drug or alcohol abuser solely responsible for their actions. However, I don’t agree that it is only a personal problem and not a social problem, but rather it is both. I recently read about how in a certain city drug addicts are treated, cared for, and well taken care of, nurturing them back to health rather than treating them as criminals and throwing them in the clink. For this I applaud the city, they figured out how to –or are at least trying to- fix this social problem as such, rather than an individual, personal

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