Essay On Texting And Driving While Contexticated

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In 2011, 23% of crashes involved cell phones that is 1.3 million crashes (“Driving While Intexticated”). I have watched on tv some real bad crashes do with phones. The argument is cell phones good or bad for people.There are too many people texting and drive and being in crashes and get hurt or worse . I think that cell phones are good for people but they are just using it not in the right way. Like all of the Facebook and all of the other social media I get that people like it but there is a time when you need to use it and that time is not on the road(“Is technology bad”). I mean if you are going 55 mph and in 5 seconds you go the same distance of a football field (“Driving While Intexticated”). So think of all that could happen in that length of road and that is olety 5 seconds a lot could happen. …show more content…

So texting and drive are very risky to do and think of all the people that you could heart when text and drive at the same time. The crash 18-20 are involved with the texting and driving(“Driving While Intexticated”). Yes I get that people need to have their phones but they need to be when they are not driving. There ups and down to phone like it you need help you can get that help very fast. But people need to learn when and where to text and driving but they do not need to be in the same place at the same time. I think that there is too many people on the road that are texting and driving. As the statistics say about texting and driving to me the number are too many crashes that have texting and driving. The young people on the road need to be more responsible on the road I am glad that they are making it where you will get a fine if you are texting and

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