What Does The 39 Clues Mean To Be Brave

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When inevitable disaster is about to strike, fear will usually end up getting the best of people. In Jenny Goebel’s novel The 39 Clues, there is the imminent threat of a nuclear strike off the coast of the Netherlands, during “King’s Day,” one of the biggest celebrations in the country. A powerful family known as the Cahills are the only ones who know about it besides the ones who are planning the detonation. They send three people to deal with the nuclear threat, and three to deal with people who are trying to gather the 39 Clues, which once gathered, would lead to riches and power. But under all of this pressure, the Cahills not only remain brave and focused, but also work as a team and not let anything break them up. To begin, the first major theme in The 39 Clues is that should you remain strong and brave, you will eventually solve the problem at hand. The first piece of evidence I have to support my claim is on page 118 when it says, “The hulking form of Magnus Hansen stood hunched in front of it with his back turned to Nellie and Sammy… he rose to his full, formidable height and swung around. He turned his ice ax on Nellie and the expression on his face was emotionless… Nellie gasped, grabbed Sammy protectively, and looked frantically around for a tactical position.” In this part of the text, Nellie shows us how brave they …show more content…

Many people can take a lesson from this book. People should not fear the problems that they are facing, that would only make it harder for the problems to be solved. Groups also must work together to accomplish most tasks, which would make most of our problems less frightening and people would have more confidence when going in to solve them. After reading this novel, I will definitely try to be more brave, and respect the ideas of my groupmates, as it will bring my team closer together down the

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