Essay On The Ability To Perceive Quietness

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the ability to perceive quietness today much of our society is overtaken by distractions such as social media, texting, tweeting, making calls, as well as other things making us too busy in our everyday lives to be able to sit down and take a deep breath. We as people have so many things running through our brains all at one time we can never just take a moment to ourselves and think. I myself even find it hard to separate myself from everyday distractions like my cell phone, and computer so, I decided to take two, one hour sessions in two separate locations to record and analyze everything I heard and witnessed during those two sessions of silence without any possible distractions.
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Not tonly do I hear music but I hear the sound of kids playing games in the basement as they scream and laugh. Not only where the sounds joyous but the aroma of cookies, butter horns, and chocolate truffles filled the air and before I even knew it the hour was up and it was actually a quite pleasant experience that I had just listening to everything going on and it made me realize that life shouldn’t be about who’s doing what on social media and what’s going on in the news, but it should be about what you’re doing in that moment and who your with that makes it special. I would never have realized that with my phone in front of me and I think if we as

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