Essay On The Age Of Wordsworth

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The Age of Wordsworth (1798-1832) is considered to have begun with the joint publication of Lyrical Ballads by the ‘Lake Poets’, William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The poetry of this age witnessed altering of the theme from public and impersonal to subjective. Common people and common things were given the most importance. Depiction of countryside, rural life, pastoral life and Nature was common. The subject of the poetry switched from facts, reasons to the world of imagination, passion, and senses. Imagination is the soul of romantic poetry. Poets employed it to experience transcendentalism and spirituality. Emotions were the bed-rock of romanticism. It took over reason and logic. Poets talked about the elementary passions of human beings, derived through the senses- eyes, nose, ears. It was marked with super-naturalism and was devoid of materialism. They had a vision of the mystic and mysterious forces whom they called the divine. To complement the subject of poetry, the language used by the poets was simple and rustic, the one that is spoken by common people. There was no stereotypical and conventional diction. Poets used various forms of meter. Rhyme and rhythm wasn’t their actual concern, expressing the emotions and…show more content…
The influence of these early surroundings was, as he later said, profound and lasting. The rough, rugged and simple peasants were types of homely virtues of manhood and womanhood untained by contact with the corruptions of civilization. As he spent most of his boyhood with them, he learned faith in humanity and reverence for the elemental things of life. This justifies the reason behind him being the greatest interpreter of the Natural life. His love and knowledge for the Nature is boundless. However, he is no less a poet of men as he gave exceptional significance to the feelings, emotions and passions of human beings in his
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