Essay On The American Empire

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While learning more and more about the American empire, I have come to a few conclusions, that when the American empire makes a move it is carefully thought-out and it so perfectly always ends up the way they want. No matter the outcome it will always work out in their favor if they have military force and control in business affairs. Also, the American empire does the same things repeatedly.
The United states tend to get involved in global affairs. Becoming almost a “Hero” for foreign counties but the similarities between all the cases the United States global affairs they gain something out of the deal. if we think about it, the United States gains control of small countries and in some way, they benefit from it. Helping the Cubans would …show more content…

These two major changes alone are enough to make the Cubans want their own independent because the smothering would have just been too much. I believe annexing Cuba would have been better for America but not so great for the Cuban people. If the American empire already made deals and got their agreements met they should have completely pulled out of Cuba to let the Cuba people do as they wish. If the American empire would have done that Cuba would have had nothing negative to say about America. They would be required to go to war with Spain. per president Theodore Roosevelt “this is a natural sugar and tobacco country and as we must, in any case, control its destinies, and will probably soon own it.” America was draining Cuba. However, if America would have annexed Cuba, the Cuban people would have a lot of help with American education, public health and jobs. I believe America could have made up their minds faster. If America wanted to help Cuba, they could have done things for the Cubans that they need help with. Not just build a base and close trade with other countries then leave and do nothing for the people of Cuba. It’s like

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