Essay On The Battle Of Antietam

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The civil war was a conflict about the expansion of slavery into western territories. The compromise of 1820 and 1850 tried to maintain an unbalanced government between free and union state. The southern states seceded from the union because they feared Abraham Lincoln in 1860 when he got elected. The war started 1861 through 4 long 4 bloody years later. The Northern Union states fought against the southern Confederate states. The northern Union won the civil war. Their was 620,000 death toll. The battle of Antietam took place in Sharpsburg, Maryland. The battle of Antietam was the first battle in the civil war to be fought on northern soil. The impact of Antietam was that it turned out to be the bloodiest day in American History. The battle of Antietam was about 12 hours long. The battle of Antietam lasted about 12 hours.The battle of Antietam was also named the battle of Sharpsburg. The location of the battle was Sharpsburg, Washington County in Maryland. The battle of Antietam happened on September 17,1862. The union general was George B. McClellan and the confederate general was Robert E. Lee. Lee had about 16,000 horses. The union army of the Potomac was 75,300. The Confederate army had 52,000. The…show more content…
One of McClellan goals was to have crushed Lee’s army. The 1st Texas army lost 82% of their own men during the Battle of Antietam, this battle was the highest casualty rate for any Confederate regiment out of any of the battles of the Civil War. George McClellan was slow, cautious and defensive. The battle ground Lee had was suited for his defense. Lee withdrew on September 18 in defeat. The battle of Antietam was the bloodiest day in American history.Alex Gardner took pictures of the battlefield and got pictures of the dead and wounded. It was on an early morning morning of September 17, 1862. It was called Antietam because the names, places after their
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