Essay On The Berlin Wall

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On November 9, 1989; an event occurred that changed the county as a whole; the Berlin Wall fell. This significant event represented the end of communism in Germany. The German Democratic Republic (GDR) reunited with the Federal Republic of Germany on October 3, 1990; one year after the Wall fell. When the Berlin Wall fell, both East and West Berlin became physically reunified. There was no longer a wall standing in between the two sides and from here on out, two cities became one once again. This was a physically reconnection of two sides of East and West Berlin and the beginning of the loss of identity for those had previously lived in East Berlin (Leventhal).
Kubicek believes that due to many years that East and West Germany were divided that the people of each side developed differently and had different values. Each side had created it’s own educational system, government and political and views. Kubicek quoted one writer, “It will take us longer to tear down the wall in our heads….” (17). This also applied to those living in East and West Berlin. East Berliners also viewed those living in West Berlin as “boastful, aggressive and insensitive” (Leventhal). They felt unwelcomed and the other half of the city felt very different to them. West Berliners viewed their side of the city as being less safe and now too crowded and those from East Berlin were known as the poorer people. City services were duplicated and in the East side were either closed or lost. Examples

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