Essay On The Breach

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He surveyed the scene, considered retreating, then decided instead to step into the breach. He took hold of Geoff’s arm, twisted it back and attempted to pull him away from Jasmine. He failed. Geoff merely brushed him aside and continued bashing Jasmine’s head against the wall, despite her writhing attempts to break free of his grip and bring her knee sharply into contact with his testicles. Already she felt as if Geoff had wrenched free a large section of hair from her scalp, but if that was the price she had to pay… Out of the corner of her eye, she saw what she thought was her husband, only he now appeared to be wielding the poker they used on the few occasions when they still lit the wood-burner in the front room. Or if not …show more content…

What was wrong with her? She had nothing to worry about; it wasn’t she who had used a poker as an offensive weapon and what’s more wielded it in such a fashion as to put a man out of action. It had nothing to do with her. And even James, who had finally proved himself semi-useful, well, could he not plead self-defence? Or if not self-defence, then the defence of another? He’d only done what needed to be done, and there was no particular guarantee that anything amiss had happened to Geoff. He was out cold, yes, but that wasn’t to say that he wouldn’t soon wake up and quite possibly begin charging round the various rooms of the house like an enraged rhinoceros looking for someone to gore. Who knew her husband had even had it in him? The man, so meek and so very mild, who was now attempting to revive his unconscious friend, despite his cumbersome belly doing all it could to get in the way and make his self-appointed task all but impossible, had finally stood up for himself, though it was much too late to change anything, and if it hadn’t been for the police turning up, alerted one would presume by a call from a nosy or concerned neighbour, who upon hearing raised voices and the tell-tale sound of scalp-tearing, skull-splintering spousal abuse (by a friend), had all but fallen over themselves to raise the alarm – which makes a change when you think about it – Jasmine might have followed through on the promise she had made to herself. But

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