Essay On The Breakfast Club

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The idea of social groupings is very prevalent in today’s society. It can be seen amongst work colleagues, player’s on your team, and even your friends at school. A social group is a group of two or more people who all share a common interest. A social group can range from being a group of athletes, people who enjoy the same video games, and even people who carpool together. Majority of the population belongs to a social group, they might not even know it. Social groups come natural, and often form unintentionally. There will always be someone out there that shares your likes and dislikes. Due to that, the idea of social groups will always be prominent in our world. In the movie “The Breakfast Club,” the viewer is introduced to five …show more content…

Claire’s leadership in the movie is a step under John’s. She could not tell him what to do, however she could still tell everyone else what to do. An example of this is when John was mocking her and when she asked him to stop, he called her pathetic and continued to do so. However, when Claire asked Brian to write the paper for everyone else, he happily obliged. Andrew’s position of power in the group was two steps under John, and one under Claire. Brian and Allison did not really have a say in much. However, despite Brian’s efforts, Allison never seemed to care much about whether they listened to her or not. They initially start as an “outgroup,” and slowly transition into an “in group” throughout the duration of the movie. It is clear that they begin to form a bond. Especially when Andrew and Allison begin to have feelings for each other, as well as John and Claire. The group as a whole created plenty of opportunities to get to know each other. They even pushed each other to their limits, just so they could get the truth. In the beginning, none of them are friends. However, in the end, the group as a whole make the decision to stay friends when they come back to school on the following Monday. At first, Claire is hesitant and says that it is highly unlikely that the group will remain as close once they go back to school. The rest of the group’s response was negative and disagreed with what she said. That

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