Research Methodology on Steve Striffer at the Chicken Factory

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Research Methodology Paper 2

Steve Striffler, a social scientist, conducted participant observation research in a chicken factory in Springdale, Arkansas. After reading Striffler’s passage and summary, it is implied that Striffler’s undercover research wasn’t exactly how he expected it to be. When Striffler first arrived at the factory there was confusion as to why he wanted a job in the chicken processing factory. Going undercover allowed Striffler to experience the behind scenes of issues that occur inside the chicken factory.
One sociological concept that can analyze Steve Striffler’s participant observation experience is discrimination. Discrimination is the harsh treatment one receives from another person or group. …show more content…

Although these concepts briefly describe how it can be applied to the experience of Striffler, micro sociology is another concept that can be used. Micro sociology is the study of interactions between people face-to-face. According to the entire passage, Striffler had few encounters with the other coworkers at the factory where he had face-to-face interactions. One example being, “I am to be the harinero, the breading operator. . . . Michael [the supervisor] can’t do the job himself and [tells me to do what Roberto does]. With five years on the job, Roberto can do every task on the line. . . . but he gives me little formal training. . . . unlike virtually everyone else in the plant, he is unimpressed that I speak Spanish,” is an example of a face-to-face interaction Striffler encountered.
Lastly, a social group can be defined as a sociological theory that was used to analyze the passage that was given. Defined as two or more people who interact with one another, share similar characteristics and collectively have a sense of unity is where collective examples were given. “Twice a shift, for 30 minutes, workers watch Spanish-language television, eat and exchange food, complain, and relax. Supervisors almost never enter the room. (p. 103). It is in the context of the break room that Roberto and another colleague eventually tell Steve

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