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I have read the book The Coldest Winter Ever, by Sistah Souljah and I find the plot of the book intriguing and life like because I actually do feel like I am the main character in this book. I relate to the main character Winter because we are the same age and we have experienced similar things. In one part of the book, Winter Santiaga had to explain to us how being in a family with drug dealers is hard to deal with. She explains to us how her father, Ricky Santiaga spoiled her, her mom and her little sisters. I can relate to that part because that’s how my family was. Some of the things that were mentioned in this book were adult like and had an adult tone and that had caught my eye. All of the things she had to go through in this book made me realize that life isn’t what is seems. She had to go through with losing her mother and father to the system. She had lost her sisters to foster care and then she had to go to foster care. This book can actually speak to young girls and this is why I love Sister Souljah’s books. In the book The Coldest Winter Ever, Winter Santiaga is the main character in this …show more content…

She had to go through all of that stuff because her father was a drug dealer. This theme is important to this story because when she tried to visit her dad in the prison. The guards had told her that her father was nothing but a piece of “sh**” and he won’t never get out to provide for his family. She also had to sell her body to get money to put on her father’s books to try to get him out. She said in the book that even though she is by herself, her father always told her that she should be strong because she is just like her mother. The theme made this book more enjoyable to read because it always came with surprises and you never wanted to put it down cause you always wanted to wonder where Winter was going to end

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