Descriptive Essay On A Snow Day

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It was a normal winter morning. I woke up freezing my butt off. The night before we heard that it was possible for us to get a snow day but before I went to bed I saw it wasn't even snowing so I figured we wouldn't have one. I looked out my window and saw it was super windy and snowing very hard. I got super excited since I couldn't even seen my neighbors house. Usually if we couldn't see that it meant we had a snow day. I pulled the news on my phone to check if we had a snow. First thing I saw was that over a hundred schools had one! Surely we would be one of them. I scrolled down to the bottom since Zeeland is always at the bottom. “What” I yelled inside my head. “How on earth do we not have a snow day” I thought to myself. I rolled over and looked at my clock and saw that it was 7:20 I better hurry up and get ready. I always had to count to three to get out of bed I never was able to just jump out of bed. Finally I got up and realized it was a lot colder than when I was under my silky smooth sheets and electric blanket. I quickly ran to the shower and jumped in. It felt so nice and warm I didn't ever want to get out but I knew that I would be late if I didn't. I got out and got dressed quickly to trap in as much heat as I could. I headed downstairs to start making breakfast. I looked in the freezer for some waffles but there weren't any in there. “Crap!” I exclaimed. I realized that they were in the outside freezer which meant that I was going to have to go out to the
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