Essay On The Devils

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After a long weekend of the stamping of football boots, the blowing of whistles, and a whole lot of boys, dad slumps on the couch, dressed in a big black comfy jersey, long tracksuit pants that has lasted for years and his big heavy wool socks, only to let out a big sigh and finally ‘sit down for a bit’. The room around us is, quiet only the sound of the flickers of flames from the fireplace and the faint sound of the latest All blacks vs lions game on the TV parallel to his eyes. “Okay i’m ready” he turns to look at me after muting the tv in front of him, moves the pillow on a couple angles to get to the comfiest spot possible and finally begin. “So, what were you today?” I asked with a laugh, He draws a circle with his eyes and throws …show more content…

it was because of my child’s participation” The involvement of the club started off small, starting by the sidelines of each game and helping out with practices beginning in the backyard. The green grass in the summer transferred to brown and muddy in the winter, but many practices in the field had made my dad and brother grow the love for football more and more and my dad wanted to get more involved in the club for the years to come. 18 years on with the club, you would expect of the many years there, there would be plenty of ups and downs. So the question of enjoyment was brought in, “yes, most of the time, but,” he pauses for a bit say ahh in replacement of a silent period. “The things I have to do.. sometimes don’t always turn out the way I want because of pressures, and not everyone has the same views as me on volunteering for the club..which Is frustrating”. He stopped the sentence with a firm look at me to prove the end of that answer. Most of my dad’s work with the club is voluntary. He started by volunteering by small amounts, that progressed to the work he does now, in which only a small part is paid for, which is the accounting side and taking care of the accounts and money for the club. He went on to explain how much commitment it is, ¨around 15 hours a week¨ he suggested, I think he was being a little shy with that. It may be 15 hours of hard labour, but he is always thinking about it everyday and things he can do for the

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