Essay On The Difference Between Canada And The United States

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Canada and the United States are the two of the largest and economic leading countries. They are neighboring states and share a large border. Despite its similarities, such as both states initially being by the British. The fundamental difference between Canada and United States (US) are the official language. Canada has two official languages, English and French while the United States have no official language. English is the primarily used language in the United States. These two states are both democracies but they have a discrete system government. The difference between Canadian Constitution and Americans are the system of government while being under democracy. Canada is under constitutional monarchy while the US is a republic. The parliament and congress of Canada and US. The Member of the houses has a distinctive power they hold but US politicians have a far greater authority and control than Canadians. The electoral system between these two neighboring states is very different from each other. With the great position as the leader of a state, they have great responsibility and power. Their role is to govern the party with his or her power. The …show more content…

This allowed English and French to be the official language. In addition, under the Constitution, every province excluding Quebec, New Brunswick, and Manitoba may have many official languages as they please. For instance, Alberta could officially make Ukrainian as its sole official language due to the high population of Ukrainian. In contrast, US have no official languages but English is the most commonly used in the US. Historically, US is the home of many immigrants of Europeans, Asians, Hispanics, and others making them as the main languages as well along with English. No official language exists at the federal level but several proposals to make English as the official

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