Essay On The Emergency Room

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Catching her breath, The Colonel replies with brevity "We do not know yet the call was cut off. One of the out of breath EMT’s stats "We really need to devise a better means of transport we are still 2 decks and 3 hallways away." The general seeing a crowd near the elevator they needed to get to the appropriate deck in his best take charge voice "yelled get out of the way medical emergency" Leading the others, I have the doors let’s go move it! Finally, the EMT’s were able to maneuver the gurney into the elevator. With a grunt of dissatisfaction the general activated the button for deck 5 with what seemed to take several minutes the so called state of the art elevator finally arrived on deck 5 the general exited first moving a crowd …show more content…

Doing a forward sweep The EMTS the general and the Sheriff moving right all clear, sweeping the pine tree’s one blue blob into another The General thought to himself "I always thought they planted these things to close together," a red hot form appeared on the screen. The lieutenant Colonel called out "Stop right there" then it was gone, the rest of the group had stopped and were now looking at the Colonel. The General ordered Colonel "report" "Sir I had an image then it was gone," The general turns to the Sheriff stating," Sheriff I am going to check this out take the EMTS with you" With a wave, the Sheriff continued deeper into the woods. The General watching the Sheriff walk away for a moment wondered if he would see the Sheriff again then refocused ordering, "Move out Colonel you are on

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