Essay On The New World Trade And Slavery

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The New World, Trade, and Slavery
The new world refers to America that was discovered by Christopher Colombus at the close of the fifteenth century. In that time, the Atlantic slave trade was already underway. Central to its beginning and steady momentum were Portuguese merchants who turned towards human trafficking for profit. Also, The discovery of America also led to the dawn of a great network of trade. In addition, other European powers such as the British, Spanish, Dutch, and French soon joined the trade. Accordingly, in the course of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the trade route assumed a triangular shape. European traders brought “textiles, rum, and manufactured goods” to Africa, they exchanged the goods for enslaved men …show more content…

According to Equiano, slavery is immoral and an infringement on the freedom of the slaves. Equiano discusses the brutality with which white masters in the British territories of the Caribbean handled their slaves. For instance, the punishment for an attempt to run away was having one’s leg chopped off, and African women doubled as sex slaves for their masters. On the other hand, , the whites implemented social hierarchies to ensure the inferiority of colored persons. Equiano’s bitterness over the “tortures, murder, and every other imaginable barbarity” that went unpunished because of the white peoples’ “impunity”. In the eyes of the white skinned men and women, colored persons were unworthy of liberty and other privileges. In conclusion, Olaudah Equiano’s experiences of as a slave in the New World and knowledge of slavery in Africa proved that the institution varied depending on the people. In fact, the origins, development and facilitation of slave trade was of great economic benefit to the parties involved but inhumane acts such as slave trade led to their decline and finally their

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