Essay On The Nexus Of Foreign Aid And Fragility In The Fragile States

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The Nexus of Foreign-Aid and Fragility in the Fragile States
“Aid undermines the social contract that holds countries together by inserting donors into the relationship between states and citizens. In fragile states, a relationship that is already an Achilles heel risks being made weaker.”
-- Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton
Proposed Research Topic:
I propose the following topic in order to investigate the role of foreign aid in building resilience in fragile states. Taking Afghanistan during the Karzai administration from 2001 – 2014 as a potential case study and US foreign aid as a dependent factor, I want to research how US aid affected resilience-building (or fragility) during the Karzai Government in Afghanistan?
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The perception of corruption, poverty and human rights abuses are also prevalent and present serious challenges. Many of these states can also easily slip into militancy and radicalization resulting in serious global security challenges. To respond to the plight of fragile states, the international community relies on aid as an important vehicle of soft-power to alter the status of fragile states and enable them to become resilient, accountable and democratic. However, in many instances, development aid fails to achieve much.
An exploration of the academia and my experience of working in Afghanistan demonstrate that foreign-aid effectiveness in fragile states, especially those facing radicalization and militancy is an enormously challenging objective and a less understood area. It is the very fragility of these states that causes a great portion of aid to be wasted without resulting in meaningful change. Also, most of the current theoretical knowledge on aid-effectiveness and its role in building resilience is derived from the experiences of foreign-aid to conventional and conflict-free poor countries. In fragile states, because of the potential for conflict as described above, the relationship between foreign aid and resilience is not well researched or understood. Waste, corruption, and autocracy in fragile states are generally
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