Essay On The Overused Song In The Arms Of An Angel

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Imagine a commercial that pulls at the emotions, that encourages the inner-child to make a difference, and that encourages a type of change for the better of humanity. Now, imagine shots of sad, decrepit animals of all kinds looking miserable on operating tables, in backyards, in arms, and in cages. In addition, picture statistics of abuse, euthanasia, and adoption rates flashing on the screen. To add to the evolving turmoil that is sure to wreak havoc in the viewer’s mind, there is even a depressing yet hopeful song resonating in the background. It is an overused song, “In the Arms of an Angel,” and its accompanied commercial is overrated. However, its focus is finite and real yet society shrugs it off as if it were yesterday’s news. Then again, an overused advertisement can be easily ignored and this is especially the case when it is…show more content…
A pet is like a child and a child needs love, food, training, and playtime yet society has it in their minds that a cat must play by itself and that a dog must always be calm and quiet. Releasing a cat to an animal shelter for being too lazy is like releasing a child to a foster home for being not doing chores, but if the owner of that pet would simply buy or make a toy or take the time out of their day to play with the cat then that cat will no longer be lazy. The misconceptions of animal shelters and adoptions are perplexing. People do not understand the responsibility it takes to own an animal and they, in turn, do not understand an animal. The fact that society allows euthanasia to be used on misunderstood pets is terrible. People need to be educated that animals from a shelter are just like animals from a store or a breeder. They need to be shown the responsibilities, the facts. If this is not done or even considered then the population of abandoned animals will only increase and in its place, inexperience, selfishness, confusion, and misconception will

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