Essay On The Princess And The Goblin

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The Princess and the Goblin by: George MacDonald (Book Review) I. Introduction The Princess and the Goblin was written by George MacDonald. And it was published in 1872, and this is a fantasy book. The characters of the story are the Princess Irene, her great grandmother named was Irene too, her nanny/nurse named Lottie, and the Little miner named Curdie. They are the people who lived above the ground and they are called sun dwellers. While the goblins are living underground and they only come out during night. II. Summary There was a little Princess that lived in a magical kingdom that full of mountains, she was sent there after her birth because her mother was not strong. Her named was Princess Irene and she is an eight years old child of the king. The little Princess was a sweet little creature, and she also have a nurse/nanny Lottie. One …show more content…

And also when I read about the goblins where they are lived. Also, when the Princess lost herself to their house and she meet her great grandmother at the secret part of their house. And her grandmother is a mysterious in the story because the people on their house didn’t know about the queens at the top of the house, only the Princess. I like also when the Princess and Curdie meets and he saved the Princess from the goblin. And it becomes interesting with me because in that story shows the good relationships of father to daughter, nanny to Princess, grandmother to her grand-daughter, and also to her friends. And also the moral lesson that we can adopt and we can apply to our daily lives. It becomes interesting with me that their house has a secret part, and only the Princess are the one who went there and that place was his grandmothers room. And her grandmother lived only by eating the pigeons egg. I also like in the story is when the Princess do his promises, she did not break

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