Essay On The Role Of Women In The 1930s

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Before the civil war, in the year 1930s, life was every different for the African American. The roles of men were entirely distinct from those assigned to women, and each group was responsible and accountable for the task assigned to them which was done communally and was passed from generation to generation. Before the civil war, regarding work, men were involved in undertaking the hard labor like spitting of firework, ploughing of farms as well as dealing with farm animals. African women were shaped by a set of ideals the historians call the cult of true womanhood. Men were involved in moving away from homes, working in offices, dealing with contracts, running shops and factories. Women were known to be homemakers where they were supposed to make sure that the homes were comfortable for both the husband and the children (Harrold, 2010). Men were known to be breadwinners, and they were expected to cater for the family needs. Regarding working in white men plantation sometimes the black Americans women were involved in cotton picking farms with their children although the work was well done by men. Men were involved in the feeding of all types of animals and ensuring their habitat was clean. The women would work and house maids take care of the young ones in the family, cook, clean, and provide everything regarding home keeping in order. Actual women were known in devoting their lives to creating a clean, comfortable, nurturing home for their husbands and children. Young
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