Essay On The Stolen Generation

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The Stolen Generations:
A Dreadful Time in Australia Why would a government remove over 100,000 children just because of their race and heritage? During 1910 to 1971, the government of Australia did this now known as, The Stolen Generations of Australia which led to rough times for many families across the whole continent (McArthy 1). There was no certain right for them to make the entire country suffer in pain for many years. The government removed the kids from their homes, and they wouldn’t see their families for a long time. The Australian government wanted to abolish the Aborigine culture by lying to the children, separating families away from each other, however they are very apologetic for their actions. In the early to late 1900’s, the Australian government wanted to get rid of the Aborigine culture. They did not want their customs and traditions to live on anymore, so they …show more content…

From all of the effects of the governments and the people’s actions, the entire country is very sorry for all of the pain they caused many families. The country as a whole has recently recognized that families suffered an extreme amount of of PAIN and now they can understand what they have done (Cuthbert, Denise 12). The Aborigine children that were taken had a very traumatic and depressing childhood filled with a lot of neglect (Graf 1). Whenever they finally realized it was about time to apologize was a big step for Australia, because it had just become a whole strain for everyone. For a government to keep these kind of behaviors going on as long as they did, was not the right thing to do to millions of people. It was a good thing that the country apologized for their wrong behaviors and they have now explained to everyone what they have done and why they did it. Overall an apology was needed for a very long time but was not given until many years

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