Essay On The Ticketer

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“We can go up ta’ the ticket guy and jus’ say our mama gave the tickets in advance. We’ll say she’s a waitin’ fer’ us,” he smiled perfecting his plan. The studier watched as his friends came up with the plan. “Y’all need ta’ keep you heads down though. Don’ let em’ see your face.” They all walked up to the ticket taker slowly. “Do you guys have a ticket?” The old gray man spoke in a serious but soft tone. “No, well, yes,” he stuttered, “Our mama’s came through here not so long ago. She says we could tell you that she gave you the tickets in advance.” The ticket taker looked up, “I don’t seem to remember no ‘mama’s’ walking through here. What did she look like?” The boy turned around to see all of his friends staring at him with cold white …show more content…

A horrible test that determines my future. That’s what they say anyways. I should’ve stayed home, reviewed. I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I need more,” he started, “I need more time.” “Well hurry up in ere’. The movie’s almost ova’. You ain’t got no time.” The studier walked out of the restroom shortly thereafter to find a surprising pair of people chatting. “They were just kids!” It was the old man. The ticket taker. “I don’t care whether they are kids, adults, or elder like yourself. We don’t let people in for free.” The man talking was obviously in charge of the cinema. The boss. “Give me another chance,” the old man cried. “Never” the boss tore off the old man's name tag and threw it in the trash can below him. “Get out of my building.” The old man walked out of the theater with his head hung low. Like a student leaving detention, the old man walked through the cinema door one last time. The studier returned to the theater. By the time the movie had ended everyone left and returned to their homes. It was now close to ten o’clock. The studier was in his bed when the thought occurred to him. “I’m going to fail this test.” Of course he had his doubts, but now it was confirmed. All faith had been lost due to one night. He woke up the next morning tired. More tired than usual. He left for school at six-thirty in the morning. As he walked through the school doors he saw a familiar face. The

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