Essay On The World Revolution Of 1968

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There have been many speculations on the fundamental origins of the World Revolution of 1968. Although these speculations agree on the background reasons of political protests centering the year, arguments vary on the attribution to the social changes during the two decades that followed the World War II. The World Revolution of 1968 was not something that materialized out of thin air; it was an epicenter of social changes that took place over the course of two decades.

With the great help of United States, the world especially Europe was recovering from the disasters of the World War II. The status quo of the west seemed on the way to restoration if not actually already rejuvenated. The stimulated economic growth saw many young adults pursuing their studies to university level as the world strived to survive the aftermath of the World Wars. The endeavors to move forward and focus on ensuring the sustainability formulated a silent consensus to give way to peaceful prosperity and low tolerance to any fabrications of war. Thus, the continual engagement of wars definitely exhausted the world-system into an arena of a period of basically crafting the main characteristics of the then ensuing Cold War.

The era was
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Khrushchev’s new party program pressed for reforms in industrial agriculture and party programs to the great displeasure of party members leading to his replacement by Leonid Brezhnev. That it permitted young people in Soviet to listen to Western music and follow the fashion and ultimately to copy paste the quest of the protests of 1968 enabling the revolution to be worldwide.They mirrored the artistic freedoms as well as a revival of religious belief and practice but when taking to the streets pasting the western uprisals-criticizing the state seeking reforms it was met by harsh repression of the
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