Essay On Tiger Mother

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Since education has been a hot topic nowadays, parents are looking for the best way of educating their children. After Amy Chua, a mother who successfully sent her two daughters to Harvard University and Yale University, published a book named Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, a kind of authoritarian education term called Tiger Mother raises heated debate around the world. Tiger Mother is a strict parenting term for parents, especially Asian parents, to push their children to succeed academically through some extreme methods like force their children to sacrifice most of their free time in repeating doing practice. Although some western countries even try to value Tiger Mother in these years, Tiger Mother is not a suitable way for every child…show more content…
Stern education always provide stress to children by parents’ high expectation. Desiree Baolian Qin, a professor in Michigan State University, strongly opposed Chua’s Tiger Mother education. She claimed that according to her survey, when parents put so much pressure on their children, those children would be even unhappier (Rochman). To some extent, children should have right to be happy and play, but under authoritarian education, they have to give up “play” to “success”, which could easily increase their disappointment of life. Despite loss of happiness, some psychology problems might emerge due to the high-pressure parenting. Professor Wang Cixin from University of California did a survey in 589 Chinese students and concluded that Tiger Mother is not a model for education because the achievement that children get are followed by their mental cost, especially depression symptom(Rivas). The depression symptom is a potential danger for children in their growth process for it might lead to children’s autotomy or even suicide. South Korea, a country well-known by its harsh education, reports that about half of their youth have the thoughts of suicide because of having too much school pressure (Kang). Therefore, Tiger Mother is not suitable for every child because of the potential harm on their
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