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United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is working to overturn Title IX rulings made by the Obama administration and advocating for better representation for those accused of sexual assault and misconduct. In 2011 the Department of Education released a “Dear Colleague” letter aimed at reminding educators of a fact established by the Supreme Court: under Title IX, schools much ensure survivors of sexual assault can stay in school and learn safely and notified colleges and university that the federal government was going to be aggressive on sexual misconduct. However, under DeVos’s new ruling the federal government is pulling back their investigation into sexual assault on college campuses. Title IX is a bill is meant to…show more content…
While according to, one in four women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. For junior Jacob Taylor, Title IX teaches people the importance of consent and how to better protect themselves while also allowing students to have a safe opportunity to report sexual misconduct.
“It is important for people to give consent because without it there would be a lot of bad stuff going around, stuff that may very well ruin peoples lives for one,” Taylor said. “It also teaches people to be careful about things like drinking and making sure who you are around so they don’t end up in compromising situations.” Peterson stated Title IX is needed on college campuses because it provides men and women an equal playing field allowing everyone to excelle.
“Title IX is important most of all because every person should have an opportunity to succeed regardless of their gender,” Peterson said. “I think that there are problems with regard to the amount of students who experience sexual assault and sexual misconduct on college campuses and I think the data speaks for itself as a whole when you look across the United States… It is very important to educate everyone in the campus community about their rights in regards to Title IX but it also important that everyone knows so bystanders can protect people as

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