Essay On Title IX

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Betsy DeVos has brought back to our attention Title IX enforcement, wanting to take away the protection and equality that it currently gives to college students under the Obama administration’s interpretation of the law. Since 1972, Title IX has implemented equality for all students in federally funded schools which includes education and athletics. This majorly increased opportunities for women athletes such as before the law was passed, there were only “32,000 women participating in intercollegiate athletics” (Paule-Koba,115) and by “2004, that number had increased to a record 202,540 women” (Paule-Koba, 115). Since 2011, the Obama administration put forward an additional interpretation adding that the word equality in Title IX had to …show more content…

“Unconscious bias about women's credibility still has deep roots in our culture”(Katz and Alejandro). Leading to think that there are more cases where women are not being truthful when reporting sexual assault and who are just reporting for revenge in a relationship. To make it fair for everyone, the letter added to the law is not necessary and therefore should be taken out because the statement of protection against sexual assault is already implied in the law.
False reporting does occur, but it is pretty rare “--estimated between 2% and 10%”(Drexler). Although that is not the statistics we want to see, there becomes a bigger concern when we see the number of females that have been victims of sexual assault. “One in five women are sexually assaulted while in college (some reports even out the figures at more than one in four)” (Drexler). On top of that, 63% of sexual assaults, including being on and off campus, are never reported to authority (Drexler). 63% is a large percentage of sexual assaults to not be reported so if a female were to file a report against a male for sexual violence or abuse, it is highly likely that the truth is being told. Situations like these happen and are to be taken seriously. A victim needs support, not ridicule. College campuses should not be a place where victims of sexual assault should be shamed or blamed for what has happened to them,

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