Essay The Rise of Political Parties

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In 1790, the United States had just recently broke free from the British crown and united under the cause of liberty. But in spite of this, Americans saw political rifts brought about by the rise of political parties. The rise of political parties in 1790 was caused by general distrust, disagreements on policies, and constitutional disagreements between the Federalist and Democratic-Republican parties, which were led by Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, respectively. The rise of political parties was facilitated by general distrust amongst politicians. In document 1, Thomas Jefferson claims that Hamilton is in support of a monarchy. This statement reflects Jefferson's distrust for Hamilton, believing that he is trying to regress …show more content…

This assertion expresses Hamilton's dissidence with Democratic-Republican foreign affairs, as they tended to be more sympathetic to France, whereas Federalist foreign policies tended to be more sympathetic to Britain, according to Democratic-Republicans. Furthermore, Constitutional disagreements led to the creation of political parties as well. In document 6, Federalist congressman John Allen expresses his support of the Alien and Sedition acts. He claims that the 1st amendment was never intended to allow citizens to propagate lies. This expresses a Federalistic loose interpretation of the Constitution. In contrast, George Hay, a Democratic-Republican, expresses his strict interpretation of the Constitution. In document 7, he states that the press should be free from any from of legislative control, and that the Alien and Sedition acts were forbidden in the Constitution. Such conflicting views on interpreting the Constitution played a key role in the formation of political parties. In conclusion, the American populace gained a sense of national identity and united under the motive of independence after fighting a revolutionary war, in order to break free from Great Britain. It was following 1790 that the United States started seeing the formation of political parties. Most notably, the Federalist party lead by Hamilton, and the Democratic-Republican party led by Jefferson became prominent in American

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