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Distance from Pages China
How to reach China from India
China is always known for its huge population but truly it has lots of tourist attractions too including the most popular attraction The Great Wall of China which is a part of Seven Wonders of the World. Beijing, the capital of China has a brilliance of architecture and skyscrapers. Some of the most luxurious Royal gardens and dazzling shopping malls reside here. The city Shanghai has lots of stuff to offer. Shanghai is one of the busiest cities in the world where no one stops for nobody. China is also famous for exporting new technology gadgets in cheap rates. If you are a lover of new gadgets and electronics, go for it.
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International train services are very limited in China. International trains are available from very few places like Kazakhstan, Moscow, Hanoi, and Pyongyang. It takes very long time compared to the flights.
By Waterways: China has some good numbers of ports. Thus, you can reach China from overseas by the waterways services. Many cruise lines offers regular ferry services. You can reach China from japan and Korea through this service. Regular ferry services operate between Macau and Hong Kong. Direct cruise lines from India to China are not available due to political reasons.
By Roadways: There is a large connectivity of roads across the entire China. You can travel to China either by bus or by hired vehicle. International borders can be crossed from Pakistan, Nepal and Vietnam. There is no crossing between India and China because of political reasons.

How to reach China from Delhi
India’s capital Delhi is located in Northern India. Delhi has alwaus been famous for its history and nightlife. Delhi has many things and places to offer and thus, it attracts lots of tourists too. Historic monuments like red fort, India gate, Lotus temple and Jama Masjid are great attractions for tourists. They love to explore the history of India. Delhi also has many religious places such as the famous Akshardham Temple, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Isckon Temple, Kalka ji Mandir and Chattatpur temple which attracts lots of pilgrims.
Other than history

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