Causes Of Water Scarcity In China

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Water scarcity in China Huy Nguyen 8M Introduction:
Many of cities in China are water stressed, with millions of Chinese in rural and urban areas lacking clean, accessible water which is suppressing the growth of the Chinese economy and general health. China’s water problems are mainly caused by the wet and dry spatial distribution between Southern and Northern China respectively, as well as wasteful usage of water and under education in aqueous usage. However, this problem is being confronted with by NGO Lien Aid which has helped build pipelines and taps for poorer areas of China.

Spatial Distribution China’s main food source, rice, is largely grown in Northern China, however, many of China’s water supplies are located in the South with two of China’s largest rivers, the Yangtze and Huang He located there meaning there is insufficient water for crop in Northern China. Due to Northern China being poorer, it has had to grow and export crop which requires water, to the rich, wet South. With many provinces in Northern China such as Hebei and Xinjiang exporting a large amount of water in crop despite having to dig 200m to find usable water, this means that the already poor provinces which are unable to fix its water crisis have to also export much of its clean water in crops to supplement income.

The west of China faces the Gobi desert meaning provinces such as Xinjiang and Hebei are desperately stressed

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