The International Business World Before You Enter It For The Country Of Hong Kong

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When expanding a particular business internationally, you need to have a clear understanding of the international business world before you enter it for great business success in the country of Hong Kong. Hong Kong will definitely be investigated towards as to find out whether it is or is not a desirable and appropriate location for the expansion of Infinite Health. Final decisions will then be based on cultural issues, beliefs and ease of doing business in this particular country.

1.0 Essential Information when visiting Hong Kong

2.1 Location and Time Zones

Hong Kong is officially a part of China yet has their own legal system which is completely different to China with their own currency along with their own laws. From Australia there is 5716 kilometres to Hong Kong, in saying this Hong Kong is moderately north west from Australia meaning shipping shouldn’t take any longer than 10-12 business days to arrive, considering whether conditions give or take a couple of days. Hong Kong and Australia are on the same time zones which coincide with each other. Thus allowing the same amount of shipping time as you would from Australia to international with the same time zones.
2.2 Population

According to the current 2015 population of Hong Kong stands at 6581.8 people per square kilometre as of March 2015. With growing statistics each day the expected increase of population is 130 persons daily. Hong Kong is currently 1104 km squared. During 2015 Hong Kong’s

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